The City of Newburgh and the Greater Newburgh Partnership Launch “Newburgh Strong”

A Press Release from the City of Newburgh:  click here for pdf

The City of Newburgh and the Greater Newburgh Partnership (GNP) have teamed up to tackle neighborhood revitalization in their latest joint venture, “Newburgh Strong.” Newburgh Strong, a multi-faceted approach to addressing quality of life issues in targeted neighborhoods, includes strategic code enforcement, community oriented policing, neighborhood clean-ups and good old fashioned fun!

Newburgh Strong builds on the success of GNP’s 2012 Dubois Street Pilot Project, a public/private neighborhood stabilization and community engagement effort. The initiative, which will be fully underway in early July, involves several key City departments in a comprehensive effort to improve conditions in the targeted areas. Components include community outreach and education, neighborhood cleanups, recreational activities and other opportunities to build civic engagement.

“This is a perfect example of public/private partnerships coming together to leverage resources to energize a sustainable strategy to clean up our streets and improve public safety,” said James Slaughter, Interim City Manager. “Several businesses and community groups have already stepped up to support this effort, but more are needed.”

In May 2013, as part of the first phase, the City of Newburgh Code Enforcement Team launched a code blitz which will include 19 City blocks in the targeted neighborhoods. Out of 435 inspections, 1,974 violations of City and State Codes were identified. The code enforcement team is working with property owners to remediate problems and not simply to issue a violation.

Chief Michael Vatter stated, “This hands-on, how-to, get-it-done approach involves identifying and reporting of code violations. Rather than just issuing violations to court, we are working with the property owners to address those activities that diminish the quality of life for the City of Newburgh residents, visitors, and business owners.”


Allan Atzrott, Chairman of the GNP, commented, “We urge every resident, business owner and organization in the City of Newburgh to step up and take the challenge to create a stronger, safer and cleaner Newburgh.  We are all working together to empower residents and business owners create a viable community one block at a time.”

In addition to enhanced code enforcement efforts, neighborhoods can expect the roll out of the remainder of the program starting the week of July 8.  Residents and property owners can learn about available resources for property rehabilitation through the Department of Planning & Development. A mobile playground on wheels, community clean-up days, movie nights, and area foot patrols will all be included in the program.

The schedule is as follows:

Neighborhood Start Date
Chambers St. 7/8/2013
Carson Ave 7/15/2013
S. Miller/ Dubois 7/22/2013
South Lander Street 7/29/2013
Broadway 8/5/2013
Mill St. 8/12/2013
Johnston St. 8/19/2013
Washington Street 8/26/2013

For more information please call (845) 569-7354 or email, or contact the GNP at 845-568-2558 or via email at



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