Meet us at the Zip Zap Circus! Wednesday, February 18th

Doors open at 5:00 PM
Show starts at 5:30 PM

In lieu of our regular General Meeting, the NPBA is going to see a unique performance troupe, Zip Zap Circus at Safe Harbor’s Lobby at the Ritz, 107 Broadway. The performance is free, but donations are welcome and will benefit Safe Harbors of the Hudson and Zip Zap Circus. Zip Zap, founded in South Africa, focuses on transformative social change through the performing arts.

The performers will tell a tale of transformation through their movement, spoken words, music and video images. This unique event showcases the positive happenings in the City of Newburgh and highlights a venue where performing arts are bringing hundreds of people to lower Broadway, creating vibrancy, foot traffic and an audience for local restaurants, businesses and services.

The one hour performance will be followed by a reception during which audience members can mingle and network with each other and engage with the artists. Bring your colleagues and bring your friends!

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